•Cabinetmaker's Workbench •
6' 3" W x 3' T x 2' 6" D
52 Hours

The Maple frame and tail vise are both joined with large hand-cut dovetails. The frame construction keeps the bench top from warping while still allowing for seasonal expansion and contraction.
The rectangular Ebony bench dogs hold work flat against the bench when used in conjunction with the tail vise. Hand forged holdfasts secure work in certain situations.
Large stub tenons and strong bed bolts hold the collapsible trestle base together. A hold down system allows for the bench to be secured to the floor when needed.
No workbench is complete without a stool. This Windsor style tri-legged stool was made from scraps of the bench materials.


Made of European Beech, Rock Maple, Macassar Ebony, Black Cherry, Curly Maple and Walnut. Complete with a standard front vise and a traditional tail vise. Finished with six coats of hand rubbed linseed oil.