• T.S. Sideboard •
64" L x 21" W x 38" T
190 hours

The drawers, doors and panels of the T.S. Sideboard are lined with a 5/32" bead detail.  This is shown here in a clever way by following the curve of the cove panel that separates the outer drawers and door from the inner ones. 
In order to have the hinges cleanly align with the beads I made sure to have the hinges on hand before deciding on the bead thickness.  The bead was made to be just a slight bit thinner than the hinge, in order to give the proper gap along the edge of the door where it attaches to the case.  The doors are constructed using an offset mitered mortise and tenon joint, which allows for the quarter round molding to exist just before the panel.
Behind each door is an adjustable shelf.  The internals of the sideboard are made from tulip poplar.


The T.S. Sideboard is made of Black Cherry, Tulip Poplar and Brass.  It is named after the great Thomas Seymour, who built some early American furniture masterpieces, and who's sideboard I used as inspiration for this design.

One of my favorite aspects of this piece is the scaling of the hardware and drawer dimensions form the outer doors and drawers to the middle ones.  The hardware is smaller in the center, and the drawer is slightly more narrow.  This gives an interesting perspective shift to the piece.

The sideboard is finished with boiled linseed oil, Waterlox varnish and paste wax.  My signature and the date of completion are carved on the face of the back top cross rail.

Photos of the building process can be found here.