the splitboard bench
•Splitboard Bench •
5' L x 18 1/2" T x 13 1/2" D
  30 Hours

Closeup of the
              splitboard bench
The seat of the Splitboard Bench seat is made from one thick piece of walnut split down its thickness and laid out as a bookmatch.  The separation of the two pieces is a nice added detail.
Leg detail of
              the splitboard bench
The joinery is a clever one on this piece.  The tapered legs are angled at 30° and the aprons are joined to the legs with floating tenons.  The cross pieces down the middle add support to the bench and are joined using sliding dovetails.


Made of a beautiful piece of air dried walnut sawn by the client's grandfather, the Splitboard Bench is finished with boiled linseed oil, Waterlox varnish and paste wax.