Walnut Silverware Box
•Silverware Box •
21" W x 16" T x 14 " D
  60 Hours

Closeup of
              the silverware box top
The top of the case is adorned with a shop-made inlay starburst of a walnut crotch veneer. I had a small piece of walnut that I had been holding onto for some time and after finally tuning up the bandsaw to be able to saw thin veneers I sent the piece through.  I ended up with seven usable pieces of veneer which I arranged into this pattern.  The curved Kingwood banding around the perimeter is another trick all together.
Each drawer is sized to house custom made silverware trays.  The case is joined with hand cut dovetails, as are each drawer.
Turned bun feet complete the box. I prefer feet like this to have a bit of "squish" to them to give the feeling of weight.


Made of Walnut, Birdseye Maple, Kingwood and White Oak. This was a commisioned piece designed to house a collection of silverware. It is finished with boiled linseed oil, shellac and wax.

 Closeup of the Silverware Box inlay