•Oregon 5/4 Stools•
14 1/2" W x 24" T x 11 1/8" D
  7 Hours ea.


The legs are tapered on the lathe and set into the seat. They are then wedged from above. This strong joint has proven it's worth in Windsor chairs for ages. The stools were designed to be made, two of them, from one 10' x 11 1/2" wide 5/4 board of wood, a common size at the lumber yard. The bevel on the front of the seat keeps pressure off of your thighs while sitting.


The Oregon 5/4 Stools are made from Western Big Leaf Maple. The two stools shown here are the inverse of each other. After building the stool on the left and seeing my brother nearly fall off backwards I built the stool on the right to test the effect of having the legs splayed towards the back corners. It created a more stable stool, but it lacks the foot rest the opposite arrangement gives. They are finished with boiled linseed oil and shellac.