Pete E. Michelinie - Fine Furniture



I am currently working on renovating a 200 year-old house for my wife and I, and will not be taking new commissions for the time being.

The furniture I make is created on a commission basis. Each piece is a joint effort between the client and myself during the design process. All of my work is made to order.

A project begins with talks & e-mails between the client and I which involves drawing up some simple sketches and sharing photos of pieces of furniture to throw around ideas.  This is all free of charge and part of the process of commissioning a custom piece of furniture.

When a design, price, and schedule is agreed upon I write up an invoice and take a 30% deposit to secure the time in my shop schedule.

I charge an hourly shop rate for the time it takes to create each piece. This includes design & drafting, sourcing materials, building, and finishing. Materials and delivery are added to the labor cost.

Each piece of furniture on my website has listed the hours it would take for me to make that piece individually. Making projects in multiples tends to save time.

My current shop rate is $54 per hour.

You can also visit my Vermont Guild of Furniture Makers page for prices of specific pieces:

I carry full liability insurance through ACT Insurance.