•Mahogany Night Stand•
19" W x 28" T x 11" D
9 Hours

•Maple Bowl•
11" Dia. x 2 7/8" T
3 Hours



Sharp, crisp lines define this straightforward and well built table. The flush joint where the apron and leg intersect frees the table of clutter and inside corners. The top underside has been beveled to lighten up the look of the table. The legs have been tapered for the same reason.
A thin walled bowl is a pleasure to hold and use. This maple turning was done with wet, green wood and dried to an oval shape. Turning bowls green forces the maker to thin the walls as far as possible, otherwise the wood would crack itself to bits when the drying occurs.


The Night Stand was built for myself. It is stripped down to the bare essentials while still retaining a sense of refinement and quality. It is made of South American Mahogany. It is finished with boiled linseed oil, shellac and paste wax.

The Maple Bowl was turned from local Sugar Maple. It is finished with shellac, a fully edible and food safe fine finish. It's what they coat M&M's with.