• Jefferson's Lap Desk•
15" W x 3 1/2" T x 9 3/8" D
38 Hours

Everything on this historical desk are in tiny proportion. The narrow drawer has five miniature dovetails cut into it, fitted with walnut dividers to allow safe transport of an inkwell, quil pens and writing paper.
In its second arrangement the desk acts as a prop to hold up a book or papers. The notched stand in the back allows the angle to be altered for easy reading on that long carriage ride to the white house.
From the reading position the top panel falls forward to reveal a woolen lined pad for proper cushioned quil writing.


Jefferson's Lap Desk is made of American Black Walnut, Rock Maple stringing, grey baize and brass. It is a close copy of Thomas Jefferson's original portable desk he used to draft the declaration of independence, the original laptop. The desk is finished with shellac and paste wax.