• Jones Extending Dining Table •
100" L (two leaves), 86" L (one leaf, as shown), 72" L (no leaves) x 42" W x 29 3/4" T
120 hours

The lumber for the table top came from one matched set, all from the same tree. Each board was around 14" wide and makes for a beautiful, unified top.
The top edge is molded with a thumbnail molding for both asthetics, as well as comfort on your wrists when seated at the table.  The apron below holds the top flat, and is lined with a bead molding on it's bottom edge.
jonestable3.jpg The table bases are joined using extremely solid, time tested joinery.  The column goes into the attachment plate with a double wedged through tenon.  The legs all attach to the column with a 7/8" thick sliding dovetail, and for extra strength there is a metal spider on the underside screwed into the column and legs. 


The Jones Extending Dining Table is made of Black Cherry.  It is built to seat six people with no leaves, eight comfortably with both leaves and ten folks in a pinch.

The table is fininshed with boiled linseed oil, Waterlox varnish and paste wax.  My signature and the date of completion are carved on the underside of the table top, and the underside of each base top plate.

Photos of the building process can be found here.