•Cassidy's Bureau•
35" W x 44" T x 18 1/2" D
138 Hours

An early American style carving is applied to the side panels as well as the drawer faces. The technique is accomplished with carving gouges, planes, and shop made stippling stamps. The side design was taken from a Chas Addams cartoon. The front carving was designed by Jo at Laikonik and was used with permission.

The case and drawer fronts were fumed with ammonia to darken the color. The drawer sides are of the same wood, but not fumed. This made for a nice contrast. All four drawers are hung on runners. This allows for a divider-free front, further highlighting the front carving.

The top two drawers have permanent dividers to aid in the organization of clothes. The drawer backs are made of aromatic cedar to keep moths out.
The bureau was made for my wife, Cassidy. I proposed to her in Nepal at 16,000' and told her I wanted to build her something. By the time we made it to Thailand she decided it would be a bureau, and together in a shop south of Chiang Mai we found brass pulls that would adorn the piece.


Cassidy's Bureau is made of White Oak, Aromatic Cedar and Butternut. The hardware is made of brass. The bureau is finished with ammonia fumes, boiled linseed oil, hot bees wax, and paste wax.

Cassidy's Carved Bureau Insitu