•Blanket Chest•
48" W x 23" T x 22" D
54 Hours

The carcass of this chest is joined together with dovetails, cut with a backsaw by hand and eye. The solid top is molded with a thumbnail edge.

The client's initials were carved into the front of this piece using my favorite serif font, Trajan Roman.

Brass hardware adorns the chest all around. A knuckle stay keeps the top propped open while in use. The top is kept flat with battens screwed to it's underside.


The Blanket Chest is made of Cherry from South Pomfret, Vermont. The entire chest is made from the same tree and gives the chest a unified color and look. The hardware is made of brass. The bottom of the chest is made of solid aromatic cedar. It is finished with boiled linseed oil, shellac and paste wax.